President Bush is ready to go to war.

By Gus Bode

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Dear Editor:An Appeal to Students:Of course, he won’t be going to the war; he will be sending young Americans like you. None of Mr. Bush’s family will be fighting in Iraq, none of Mr. Cheney’s family, and none of their friends’ families. When the bodies start to come home, Mr. Bush will do his best to wipe the smirk off his face and read a prepared speech saying how these young Americans did not die in vain (people who start wars never admit anyone died in vain). President Bush’s justification for war is a mixture of lies, exaggerations, and half-truths. Sure, Sadaam Hussein is bad. So are a lot of other leaders around the world. Which country do we attack next? Yes, Sadaam gassed his own people; but at that time he was our best buddy, so our government didn’t say anything about it. Sure, he has weapons of mass destruction. We should know – during the 1980s we poured millions of dollars, weapons, and technology into Iraq to help Sadaam wage war against Iran. You could say America made Sadaam Hussein the man he is today.

President Bush can push for war, but it is Congress’s fault if it happens. Our Constitution says Congress, alone, has the authority to declare war. Congress has shirked this responsibility for too long, because re-election is more important than doing what is right. Write or call your representatives in Washington and tell them to “Just Say No” to Mr. Bush’s war. Go to and join 600,000 activists in stopping this war. Once the war starts to turn a profit for Mr. Bush’s friends, it will be even harder to stop. We need to stop it before it starts.