Shaking the roots of jazz music as Fustercluck travels to Carbondale

By Gus Bode

Shaking the roots of jazz music as Fustercluck travels to Carbondale

Factoid:Fustercluck will open for the Plus at Boo Jr. & Co. on February 22.

Merchandise will be available while supplies last.


Editor’s note:The band has provided stage pseudonyms for the use of the

Melding old jazz roots with metal chords and belting lyrics, the six-man sound

machine Fustercluck rifles through speed metal licks and its own brand of

syncopated jazz melodies, creating their own unique “death jazz.”

But what is “death jazz?”

“If I had to define it, I would have to say that death jazz would have to be the

mutant offspring of John Coltrane being sodomized by Tom Araya of Slayer,” said


Ryno Mosefus Cluck, guitarist and vocalist for Fustercluck.

With influences such as Mr. Bungle and Gwar, what else can generate from such a concoction, as each individual illustrates personal influences from independent

rock, punk and bands like the Smashing Pumpkins?

No one member shines above the others as each man offers himself musically to

the whole amalgamation of sound. Ryno Mosefus “the Viking” Cluck (vocals,

guitar and trumpet), Uncle Grandpa Cluck (bass & vocals), Skinz Fuster

(percussion), Rono Cluck (trumpet & vocals), Brad “Toes” Fuster (saxophone and

vocals) and Emo Cluck (vocals, trumpet and guitar) combine a brass section with

its drums and electric ensemble into a unique musical sound, which drives many

crowds into a frenzy.

All classically or contemporarily trained musicians, each member shares a

similar background, as each one attended Milliken University, where they met

originally and later formed in January 2001. Each member majored or majors in

music, and Ryno Mosefus and Uncle Grandpa are Milliken Alumni. Every member has

also taken courses in instrumental training at Milliken in their preferred

After forming, Fustercluck began playing to the localized Decatur region at a

St. Patrick’s Day swing party, catalyzing the band’s staple dress code of suit

and tie, as well as bringing their individual sounds to the band.

The Fustercluck members all have prior experience in bands before

forming the death jazz ensemble. Each individual brought his experience from

bands such as Serebus, Veloria Beat, and the Drones, all low-key local groups,

“Except for Rono. I think Rono just drank beer,” said Ryno Mosefus.

Rono’s skills exceed playing the three keys of destiny. On occasion, Rono has

been known to eat butter, Thousand Island dressing and drink the “occasional”

alcoholic beverage. Rono’s drinking habits are best described in the song aptly titled

“Rono,” where the crowd is encouraged to drink along with the trumpet

player every time the band screams “Rono”.

The band has been busy, aside from touring and watching Rono drink, releasing a

live CD entitled “Live From Inside Your Mom” recorded at the Hanger 9 and a

self-titled studio album. Fustercluck continuously writes new songs, and two

will be played over the weekend. Two previous videos have been created, one for

the song “Butt” and another for “Tale of Bud and Earl.” The band is currently

working on a video in pre-production for one of their new songs, “Redneck

house party, rocking Hangar 9 and jamming for a wedding reception at Gatsby’s II.

Saturday will mark the fifth trip to Carbondale and the first time the band will

play at Boo Jr.’s & Co. as part of their weekend tour heading Punk Rock Prom at

Milliken University on Friday.

“Everyone who comes should be prepared to get some cream in your jeans,” said