We have witnessed another victim of oversight.

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:We have witnessed another victim of oversight. The report last week of Mr. Simmers being struck by a motorist on South Illinois Avenue near the pedestrian overpass was like the other shoe falling. Thank God he was not badly injured and was able to receive his citation for not using a crosswalk.

Would it make it safer if the police were out there on South Illinois Avenue by Davies Gym ticketing the hundreds of pedestrians crossing the highway daily? For some dumb reason, there is no stairway to the pedestrian overpass.

How many other people have wondered why a parking lot would be built and then expanded under that pedestrian overpass without access added to provide for the safety of those who park there? Is there still another standoff between the city and the University that puts the students at risk?


Could it have happened like this? The city sees another greedy opportunity to grab parking revenues from students by building a parking lot close to the University. The University, not gaining anything, ignores the city’s action that will surely increase students racing across four lanes of Illinois Avenue traffic to campus. Do you wonder if the University ever considered the safety of its students by proposing access to the pedestrian overpass? The need for access to that overpass seems pretty obvious, even architecturally.

When will the right thing happen instead of waiting for the other shoe to fall?