MTV gives yoga a workout

By Gus Bode

From its origination more than 5,000 years ago in India, yoga has come a long way. Since the 1960s, yoga has gained an enormous following in America, and now MTV is jumping on the bandwagon for the second time.

MTV is accelerating its pace in the fitness world with an upbeat addition to its yoga fitness video series.

On Aug. 26, MTV Power Yoga arrives in stores to take fitness to a whole new level.


According to the official press release, “MTV Power Yoga turns up the tempo with a fast paced, vigorous workout designed to increase strength and build cardiovascular capacity, without losing any of the mind-and-spirit benefits that have made yoga the fastest growing fitness regimen in the world.”

Kristin McGee returns as the video’s instructor, and she brings her credibility with her. McGee is a renowned certified yoga instructor who has appeared on HBO’s “Sex and the City” and many ABC talk shows.

The video aims to get viewers’ hearts pumping during the workout, which is set to the beats of Blue Six, a group best known for their soulful electronic house music. Through the use of music, the workout enhances the meditative all-body form of traditional yoga with an upbeat cardio workout. The faster pace of MTV Power Yoga is aimed to increase cardiovascular benefits such as increasing metabolism and lowering blood pressure.

The combination of traditional yoga and cardio is constructed to shape the body and increase both flexibility and stamina.

Yoga novices have no need to be intimidated. The video incorporates beginner, intermediate and advanced versions all within one routine so the viewer can proceed into more strenuous moves when they are ready and includes a breakdown of more difficult positions at the end.

The Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Ariz., provides the serene backdrop for the 52-minute workout. The routine begins with breathing instructions and stretches. The stretches briskly build into more strenuous positions. Each position concentrates on individual sections of the body, which subtly enhances flexibility and strength according to the press release. The postures follow the Vinyasa style of yoga, where each pose seemingly flows into the next and finally into a warm-down session.

The video also includes a bonus five-minute Pilates workout. In this mini-workout, McGee demonstrates a special stand-alone Pilates session to target the abs.


Along with this bonus session, several special features come along on the DVD version. There is an “instructor only” audio track, position breakdown, bios of McGee and the three demonstrators, plus a Blue Six music video, “Music and Wine.”

The first video, MTV Yoga, was a success with guest host Lori from “The Real World:Back to New York” and set the tone with the music of electronic DJ BT. Because of the same attention to detail in this upcoming edition, an equal, if not increased, approval rating is anticipated.