Indiana U. falls from top spot

By Gus Bode

Indiana Daily Student (Indiana U.)

(U-WIRE) BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Last week, the sad news reached our humble Bloomington, Ind., campus:Indiana University had fallen from the No. 1 to the No. 3 party school in the nation.

Aside from the strong gust of wind generated by the cumulative sighs of relief emanating from the administrative offices of Franklin Hall, a joint tear was shed by the editorial staff here at the IDS.


Last year, the Princeton Review’s fine tabulation on school partying, getting down and rug cutting invigorated our campus and instilled in the hearts of every IU student a desire to do our newly found title justice. It instigated countless high-fives and communal toasts; in other words, it brought students together.

But somehow, someway, we were out-partied.

Perhaps, it was the result of the protests rained upon the Princeton Review’s staff by the less party-adept members of Bloomington’s underground? Perhaps, the students at the current uber-fiesta college, the University of Colorado at Boulder, simply know how to have a better time?

We’d like to think that they are wrong.

It seems evident the students here grew overconfident with the donning of the title and, as is common with a champion basking in the glory of the gold, lost that drive and desire to win above all costs. While lesser universities were increasing the rigor of their training, we were haphazardly engaging in party planning and party execution.

But 2003-04 is another school year and another opportunity to show the nation what Bloomington is made of. We cannot let Greetings on Kirkwood Avenue lose countless revenue over the decline in sales of its “#1 Party School” T-shirts.

If we do this, the terrorists will have won.


What does Colorado have to say about its new fame?

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner told Colorado’s Daily Camera, “It’s somewhat unfortunate because we have put a lot of work, effort and resources into trying to change the culture of the community. From that perspective, it’s somewhat unfortunate that the perception is still there that this is the place to come and party.”

Exactly. And we must do our job to aid Chief Beckner and let the nation know that Boulder is for hikers and health nuts. Bloomington is for having fun.

Do we encourage the reckless intake of alcohol and abusive behavior? Absolutely not. That’s not what makes a champion. When we set out to win the big one, remember that a true bearer of the belt wins with class and style. A partier is one who engages in said activity as a means of release, to enhance the productive abilities during off-party hours. Remember, show them you can play with the big boys, but sit at the grown-up table as well.

We have our mission. We have the means. We just need the desire.

Let’s get that title back.