Council approves transfer of funds to mayor’s budget

By Gus Bode

Money needed to cover unforeseen appointments

Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole needs a new desk.

Because of a 3-4 decision at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, he can have one.


A $7,100 transfer to the mayor and council budget from the support services budget was approved, a small portion of which will be used for the desk itself.

The support services budget is an administrative line within the city manager’s budget, Cole said.

The bulk of the money will be used to cover unexpected expenses not included in the current year’s city budget, including expenses that have stemmed from additional duties by Cole with regional, state and international organizations.

Cole was selected to serve on the board of directors for the Illinois Municipal League. He is the only first-term mayor selected to serve on the board.

Cole was also elected president of the Southern Illinois Mayors Association. He was elected by 150 other mayors to be a “mayor’s mayor,” he said.

In addition, Cole was elected to serve on the board of directors for Sister Cities International at its recent annual conference. Cole said the appointment is an honor that doesn’t come around every once and awhile.

The transferred funds will be used to cover transportation to the conferences and meetings as well as room and board accommodations that the organizations do not fund.


The transferred funds will not increase the overall city budget, nor leave another budget lacking funds, Cole said.

“The city isn’t paying any more at all,” he said. “It’s just going from one budget to another.”

He does not anticipate using all the funds and whatever money is not spent will go back into support services, Cole said.

Councilmen Joel Fritzler, Chris Wissmann and Councilwoman Sheila Simon said they voted against the motion because of the desk’s inclusion.

“I would like to support every thing but the $1,200 office credenza,” Simon said. “I would vote for the package without the credenza.”

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