4 improvements, mishaps of Season 2 of ‘Daredevil’ on Netflix

By Jacob Pierce, @JacobPierce1_DE

Marvel and Netflix’s critically acclaimed “Daredevil” is back for a second season. Here is my list of five ways “Daredevil” season two was better than season one and four ways it was worse. Warning: this contains spoilers. 


1. The Punisher


The biggest addition to this season is Jon Bernthal as the character of The Punisher. Both him and Elektra, who we will talk about later, help wash out the poor taste of previous film versions of Punisher and Elektra. 

The series bites off more than it can chew at times, but the portrayal of The Punisher is so spot on, it ends up improving Matt Murdock/Daredevil as a individual. 

2. More humor

Many fans think of “Daredevil,” as a character and story infused with noir and tragedy. This is not always true.

While Frank Miller — a legendary comic book writer who helps define “Daredevil”— sets up this dark and gritty universe, other writers have come in and shown the lighter side of the hero and his universe.

This season helped push that. Whether it’s quips between Foggy and Matt or moments of dark humor involving The Punisher, this season makes you laugh more.

3. Wilson Fisk


Not involving the major villain of last season — Daredevil’s major nemesis — in this season would have been a mistake the show does not make.

In many ways, this season made Fisk/Kingpin more threatening than he was the previous season. Even in the small role he plays, you will fear him just as much as a main villain this time. 

4. More Action

After a violent first season, it didn’t seem season two could amp it up any more. Somehow they managed to make it more extreme and more meaningful. 

The best example of an amazing fight scene comes from the stairway battle in the third episode, “New York’s Finest.” The viewer gets Daredevil fighting off a plethora of bad guys in intelligent ways, showing how the character has evolved.



1. Elektra

As much as I like Elodie Yung, who gave an amazing performance, and the writers’ portrayal of Daredevil’s love interest, this storyline brings the entire season down.

The Elektra and Daredevil love is famous from the comic, and one that could comprise a season on its own.

By adding it to this season, which is already filled with a lot of subplots and a great Punisher storyline, the death of Elektra doesn’t sting as much as it  should.

2. Too many Subplots

The season felt as if the showrunner and the writing room said, “Let’s throw in as many plotlines as we can and see what happens.”

From the heroes having to battle the villainous group known as The Hand to all of the stuff involving The Punisher and Elektra, this season felt way too jam packed. This helped turn a great season of a show to just a good season of a show.

Watching episode to episode, certain aspects just feel convoluted and undercooked.  

3. Uneven Tone

As said above, this season added a little bit more humor. But adding humor doesn’t mean you should get rid of the gritty noir associated with the property.

The show has a lot of moments where it feels uneven. A lot dark humor falls flat and the impact of actions don’t feel as intense or serious.

4. Dialogue

The first season had writing problems, but dialogue was never one of them. The show felt grounded and realistic, especially with how characters spoke.

With a new showrunner, this season seems to go more toward the overly smart dialogue.

Characters speak as if they are in a 1960s comic book, which is disappointing. Newer comics and the first season felt more like a crime drama, than a stereotypical superhero tale.    

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