Letter: Motivation money could have been better spent

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

Shame on this university and its frivolous spending! Spending $20,000 on motivational speakers is absurd in the face of so many laid-off graduate assistants and deferred facilities maintenance. Let’s look at what $20,000 could do that would make a difference in the actual education of students. On my estimation, it could hire two half-time graduate assistants, purchase 31 new Dell computers (assuming no discount) or pay for any number of books. I suspect we could even make a big bonfire with money that would draw more than 50 people. At least it did not go toward another football stadium! All this occurs in the face of raising fees and tuition on incoming freshmen and graduate students. I might have written my first sentence too quickly, as I doubt that this university has the capacity to feel shame. I hope that Beck and Associates Corporate Training Solutions uses this money better than SIUC. Although, I doubt they will. I am someone who feels that being a student at a university is a type of citizenship, not a type of business relationship. Therefore, anger is justified. I hope others join me in my anger.

Justin Bell doctoral student in philosophy