Our Word: Wake up and support the faculty

By Gus Bode

While politics are important, sometimes they need to be put aside.

The ethics exam debacle is one of those times.

Perhaps SIU President Glenn Poshard can look to Illinois State University President Al Bowman as a role model.


After the state ethics exam in the fall, 255 SIU employees, including 65 professors, were sent a letter stating they completed the state ethics exam too quickly. ISU employees – and those at institutions throughout the state – were sent a similar letter.

Unlike Poshard, Bowman stood up for his faculty and staff after they were notified that their exams were invalid. He publicly criticized the Illinois Inspector General’s actions over the ethics exam.

Poshard, on the other hand, is standing by and allowing his faculty and staff to fall through the cracks.

Both Poshard and Bowman agreed that there was poor communication on the time limit of the exam.

However, Bowman took action by supporting his university. He sent a letter to Executive Inspector General James Wright saying that the Inspector General’s office lacked common sense and good judgment in its actions.

Bowman also wrote that he, along with other academic employees, were “offended that one would be penalized for the ability to read and comprehend information quickly when these same skills are a necessity to succeed in an environment of higher learning.”

Maybe Poshard is still trying to comprehend that SIU faculty and staff need him to be a leader and not a politician.


Bowman said he would never fail a student for finishing an exam too quickly and the employees shouldn’t be accused of cheating because the exams were finished in less than 10 minutes.

We’re sure that the ISU faculty and staff were appreciative of Bowman’s point of action. We’re also sure that SIU faculty and staff are wanting Poshard to do the same.

The fact is, he won’t.

Poshard may say he supports the university and the faculty and staff, but he continues to shoot down the school by not being the leader he is supposed to be.

Bowman’s action reflects his value of higher education. He stands for the faculty and staff – and he stands as a leader for ISU.

Poshard seems to be ignoring the faculty of the university he has pledged to serve.

SIU needs you, Dr. Poshard.

It’s time to take a stand.