Letter: Make Black American Studies a major

By Gus Bode

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Dear Editor:

Greetings fellow Salukis! I read last week’s article about the black studies program and I, along with other alumni, fully support black studies becoming a major. Black studies is an extremely important part of the American experience, Black Studies culturally and socially enhances the lives of black and non-black students and their understanding and perspective on the black experience, and Black Studies helped shape me and countless others into the men and women that we are today. My main hope is that the dean of the College of Liberal Arts understands this significance and makes the black studies major a reality for all future Salukis. In closing, remember that Black Studies is as American as apple pie and that Southern Illinois University Carbondale and COLA need to continue to keep Black American Studies a part of the curriculum and make it a major! Go Dawgs!


Jeremy Markeith Thompson 2000 SIUC graduate