Letter: Treat all equally

By Gus Bode


Treat all equally Thanks to our men’s basketball team, they gave us one more reason to cheer. We became the Missouri Valley Champions, and just last week, the Salukis achieved their highest national ranking: No. 13 in the Associated Press poll.

Amidst such a huge gathering that was cheering for the Salukis, the announcement of the scholarship worth $2900 and an additional of $500 made everyone stand on their feet.


Certainly it was the biggest prize in terms of money, but to my amazement the announcement of such a big prize did not go fairly. It just reflected our attitude and partisan thinking. I did not understand why the first name that was picked was not announced and a second name was picked just because it was not an English name?

That’s a prejudice and an extremely racist attitude. I urge the announcer or the committee to look after the issue more seriously and avoid such kind of behaviors in the days to come. We all want to cheer for the Salukis, but at the same time, we want an equal treatment for all.

Shashi Dhungel department of forestry