Letter: 710 return policy too short

By Gus Bode

As if getting textbooks wasn’t a big enough pain, 710 Bookstore has added a new dimension to our misery.

Sure, we all have our stories about how much money we spent on books one semester, or how the bookstore either ran out or never had a copy of what the professor wants us to get.

No one will ever be happy about the pennies we get when we sell our books back (although I can see how some might try and block out those horrific days). But today, 710 has shown me that they are upping the ante on screwing students over – textbook style.


Last Friday, Jan. 26, was the last day to “get full credit back” for returned books at 710. Considering that the first day of school was Jan. 16, the students have 10 full days to return their books. That could be better (University Bookstore took returns through Jan. 30), but it isn’t terrible.

How about if you consider that the first Monday class was Jan. 22. Well then the students have only four days to return their books. Four days?! Is that really fair, 710? Is it really too much to ask to extend your “return dates” an extra week or so? Can you not, perhaps, actually be a store that cares for the thousands of students who spend hundreds of thousands in your store? Or in your world do you have to start ordering for summer and/or fall semester before the end of January?

Well in my world that makes you part of the problem with getting textbooks as a college student, and not part of the solution. Thanks 710, thanks for nothing!

Aaron Morgan

graduate student in history and higher education