Photo Column: Culture comes alive

By Gus Bode

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Members of the Brazilian Student Council practice Capoeira, a Brazilian fighting technique at the Culture Fest on Feb. 16. Capoeira is a technique that combines fighting motions with fluid, acrobatic movements and a dancing rhythm with music to create a spectacular display of agility and body control.

SIUC students from all over the world put on displays of their heritage. Whether putting on a show of Brazilian fighting techniques or a Japanese dance derived from fishing, students displayed that just living in a new land such as the United States doesn’t destroy heritage.


Maybe the idea of the boiling pot as opposed to the melting pot with culture is coming to fruition. Just because someone is here and living like an American doesn’t mean all traditions from their country of origin must be forgotten.

Even more importantly, students at SIUC are getting opportunities to show off their traditions at events such as the Culture Fest. As a photographer who hopes to go overseas, learning any aspect about other people’s values and cultures helps me know what I want to do in the future.