Pulse Calendar

By Gus Bode

Pinch Penny Pub:

Friday, August 31: “Jimmy Buffet Tribute” Saturday, September 1: “Jungle Dogs Reunion Show w/ Brad Oliver”

Mugsy Mcguires:


Thursday, August 30: Karaoke Night

Hangar 9:

Thursday: “Barnacle Billy and the Zebra Mussels” Friday: “Bourbon Knights” Saturday: “Spare Parts plus TBA” Sunday: “Death by karaoke w/ DJ punk soul brutha” Monday: “Open Mic” Tuesday: “Dollar Night and Punk Soul Brutha” Wednesday; “DJ Beasley Hip Hop and Disco Show” and $1.50 night


Thursday: Sam West Friday: “Tawl Paul and Slapping Henry Blues” Saturday: “Tawl Paul and Slapping Henry Blues”


Wednesday: “Open mic night” Saturday: Salsa Dancing and Contra Dancing


Club 51: Friday: “Alternative Rock Showcase” Saturday: “All white attire party” Wednesday: Bags tournament

Key West:

Friday: Good Times Karaoke

Wednesday: $1.50 Coors, Coors light, Keystone

Tres Hombres:

Thursday: “Mike Renick band” Friday: “Red Stripe Raggae Party w/ Live Reggea” Saturday: “Live DJ” Tuesday: “County Line”