Good Gangster Music

By Gus Bode


“Adrenaline Rush 2007”

Release date: Sept. 18, 2007


Record Label: Atlantic Records

Good gangster music done right has been resurrected with the release of “Adrenaline Rush 2007.”

Thanks to Twista, “mobster music,” as he calls it in the song “Charged,” has never sounded better.

“Adrenaline Rush 2007” is not marketed as a follow up to 1997’s “Adrenaline Rush,” and rightfully so because songs like “Give it Up” featuring Pharrell wouldn’t have made it on Twista’s earlier albums.

Albums such as “Adrenaline Rush” and “Respect The Game” stay true to a more gritty-street sound artists such as Pharrell would never fit into.

“Adrenaline Rush 2007” was barely marketed at all, but those searching for relatable, fun music with some degree of substance will be pleased.


Twista made sure he included public service announcements advocating the use of condoms in the song “Say Say.”

However songs like “I Ain’t That (Bleep)” and “Pimp Like Me” are reminiscent of Twista in the group Do or Die’s heyday, when every car that drove by was blasting one of their many successful collaborations.

Tracks such as “Whip Game Proper” featuring the rapper featured on every rap album out lately – Lil’ Wayne – and “No Pistols” bring the album down altogether.

Every rapper seems to have songs with lyrics that jump all over the place and end up not making sense, but what’s worse is when it does make sense but still sounds bad. Twista in “No Pistols” successfully accomplished this task like no other.

“Don’t wanna see you with no pistols if you ain’t ready to roll,” he raps. “Let’s do a homicide.”

But the gems far outweigh the rocks and the songs for the ladies like “Love Rehab,” featuring another Chi-town favorite R. Kelly, help keep “Adrenaline Rush 2007.”

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