All or none for being topless

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I was not so much put off with the article or how it was written, but in last week’s issue of the Daily Egyptian, there was a story with a corresponding picture of a group of topless men running.

We all know this was a picture taken at a sports practice, but this is a perplexing thing. For one, why is it so socially acceptable for men to go without shirts in public if women are not allowed this same right? Also, what happened to the so-called “nipple rule” in Carbondale? Are men exempt from covering their nipples if they fit into society’s idea of a manly man? What then would one think of a woman running topless with a group of other topless women?


Well, there are multiple situations that could occur, but I highly doubt that that picture would be published in the DE. I say either both should be allowed or neither.

Kelly Neubert

First year graduate student in mass communication and media arts