Bicycles, crosswalks and the DPS

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

Recently, I was issued a ticket for the heinous crime of riding my bicycle through the crosswalk in front of the Engineering Building. Before I continue on my little rant, please understand some things. I’m not bitter about actually receiving the ticket because I was in the wrong. Also, I don’t have a problem with the officer who issued me the ticket, as he was very professional.

My problem lies with this totally pointless policy. We’ve heard it all before: “The laws are in place to protect you blah blah blah … “


While I do not doubt that the Department of Public Safety has the safety of the students and faculty of the university at heart, I think they should reconsider how they go about protecting pedestrians in the crosswalks. The theme in other recent letters in the Daily Egyptian seems to be crack down on the drivers, and I couldn’t agree more. Most people who brave the crosswalks have more than likely had a near miss at one time or another with a distracted driver. And to be honest, I would rather be traveling at bike speed than walking speed if it required to dodge an oncoming car.

I consider myself a safe cyclist, as I actually wait for cars to stop before going through the crosswalk instead of simply darting out in front of them and hoping for the best. This is not to say there aren’t both pedestrians and cyclists that venture into traffic blindly. This does happen. I would also support regulations to hold reckless pedestrians accountable in addition to reckless drivers. There is no universal solution to this problem. The current “solution” is inconveniencing competent pedestrians, whereas those who would be apt to dart in front of traffic are likely to ignore the laws anyway. Just some food for thought.

P.S. Ms. Braswell, I believe you are totally out of line. You don’t have to agree with what Mr. Higgins said, but please respect his right to say it and please be the bigger person and don’t attempt to “call him out” in the Daily Egyptian. You’re a member of the DPS staff. If you want the students to gain some respect for your department, submitting things like that to the editor is not the way to do it.

Nathan Edwards

junior studying information systems technologies