President Poshard needs to lead university into future

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

‘ This is an open letter to SIU President Glenn Poshard. I had the opportunity to meet him several years ago when he was the tour guide for a busload of senior citizens in southern Illinois. I was impressed by his knowledge and ability to communicate with us. I was pleased when he was chosen to lead this university.

However, you have managed to surround yourself with a bunch of incompetents whose primary objective seems to be to prevent the left hand from knowing what the right hand is doing. The latest example is the uproar over the paperwork concerning the management of the free speech issue. A lengthy proclamation was issued denying that the university had a conflict in the policy. At the same time, they were surreptitiously removing the conflicting wording. Can there be any doubt that such nefarious activities have a pronounced effect on our enrollment problems?


‘ ‘ I hope you will be able to get a lid on this can of worms and be able to spend your time and efforts leading this university to a better future for southern Illinois.

Ken Cochran

alumnus, class of ’63