SIU: It’s too late to say ‘I’m sorry’


By Evan Jones, @EvanJones_DE

Sometimes here at the Daily Egyptian, we are hard on SIU.

It’s hard not to be when the university is behaving as someone’s father trying to be hip in front of all the neighborhood’s young adults.

Imagine a 40-something dad wearing a new pair of Air Jordan shoes, a couple of fresh, bright white tube socks with cut-off jean shorts. This is basically what SIU has done with its new attempt at recruiting students to the university.


SIUC released a video on its YouTube channel easier this week titled “Saluki — Justin Bieber remix” in which Evan Brown adds his own Carbondale-ized lyrics to the Biebs’ “Sorry.”

This hot new video follows Grey Dawg around campus while he waves to strangers and bothers people trying to shoot pool. 

There is also awesome footage of the campus shot from a what looks like a drone, which is outlawed on campus. That’s not a double-standard or anything.

There are cameos from the SIU basketball team, a zumba class and some video-editing students. There were also four dabs spotted in the cameo — far too many by our estimation. 

If this is SIU’s new marketing video it will have prospective students running for the hills, if the the state’s unsteady budget future hasn’t already.