Greek life is evident enough

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

As with any college or university, Greek life plays a big role here at SIUC. The Greek community has been on campus for more than 80 years, so how often do students need to be reminded of its existence?

I can understand that each year students leave or graduate, and therefore fraternities and sororities set about recuiting students. It is the recruiting style that seems to be overdone.


How many chalk drawings do we really need? Almost everywhere on campus, there are a huge drawings encouraging students to rush this fraternity or pledge that sorority.

Some members of the Greek community are tasteful and only take up as much space as their message needs. Their messages are not ‘loud’ or ‘obnoxious.’ However, one fraternity took the liberty of engraving its letters in the snow on the soccer fields outside of the residence halls during the first snowfall Tuesday. I believe that is taking it too far. Is recuitment so low that you’re that desperate to make people aware of your organization?

I don’t mind seeing advertisements for Greek life on campus, whether they be in the form of chalk drawings, flyers or even in the Daily Egyptian. Just keep it tasteful. We know that Greek life exists on campus, so how often must it be accentuated?

Jason Summers

senior studying speech communication