Say yes to ‘Refusal’

By Gus Bode


‘Years of Refusal’

Release Date: 2/16


Record Label: Lost Highway

Rating: B

A warning to Smiths fans: your favorite jangle-pop sound is basically non-existent here.

Morrissey’s newest; ‘Years of Refusal’ is a huge, epic affair. With chugging guitar riffs and pounding, anthemic drums, Moz sounds incredibly fresh.

Enlisting producer Jerry Finn (who also produced Morrissey’s 2004 album) is one of the keys to the big, glossy sound. Finn spent his career producing records for the likes of Blink 182, MxPx, Alkaline Trio and Green Day. So it is no surprise that ‘Years of Refusal’ is such a shimmering affair (sonically at least).

The signature Morrissey life observations are still in full effect on this go ’round. He sings of aging, of love and relationships. The thing with this record though, is the music is so engaging and lively, Morrissey’s lyrics almost take a backseat, whereas on his previous material, the man is always front and center.

That is not to say this is not a signature Morrissey record. The man’s voice still sounds great and rises above these songs’ massive hooks. His accompaniment is energetic and urgent, complementing the man’s wails appropriately.


It is great to hear Morrissey sounding so invigorated. His output this decade has been spotty, but this record shows the man still has some serious passion. It is a good thing he still feels the need to funnel into song.

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