Carbondale business managers see increased job applications

By Gus Bode

The pile of job applications on many Carbondale business managers’ desks continue to grow as the nation’s unemployment rate rises.

The U.S. Department of Labor has said the national unemployment rate increased to 7.9 percent in January, with all industries except healthcare and education terminating employees. In Carbondale, employers are experiencing an overwhelming interest in jobs from all demographics.

Kenny Woods, general manager for Golden Corral in Carbondale, said 600 people applied to fill 60 positions earlier this month. Woods, who had been managing the franchise’s restaurant in Collinsville until relocating to Carbondale a few weeks ago, said he saw a similar trend in the Metro-East area.


‘With all the advertisements we ran, it’s not unheard of, especially for a new restaurant opening,’ he said.

The buffet restaurant reopened Monday after new owners bought and closed it for renovations, Woods said.

The National Electronic Warranty Corporation roughly doubled the number of jobs it offered in Carbondale in response to an overwhelming number of applications, said spokeswoman Laura Lechner.

Dave Brown, general manager of Quatro’s Pizza, said applications at the restaurant have doubled. He said he believes more students have applied for jobs because parents cannot send them as much money as in the past.

‘I know we’re getting more applications than we normally do because of the economy,’ Brown said.

He said his restaurant’s turnover rate has led him to keep the extra applications to carry him over when he loses employees.

Jimmy John’s General Manager Chris Robertson said he has not received as many applications this semester. People have come into the store asking if there were open positions, but a low turnover rate has minimized the number of applications, he said.


‘I keep things like we’re a family over here,’ Robertson said. ‘I’m not going to fire them over something dumb.’

Susan Lareau, an AVON representative, said she too has not had as many applications as she expected. She said most of her applications came within a week after she placed an advertisement in the newspaper.

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