USG: Tell students when parking lots are not clear

By Gus Bode

Campus is closed. Bad weather is coming. A shooter has entered the building.

The university’s emergency text message notification system alerts students to these circumstances, but Undergraduate Student Government wants administrators to add one more: Parking lots are not clear.

The organization passed a resolution Wednesday to ask administrators to notify students via text message when parking lots are not cleared because of ice and snow, a situation many encountered last week.


Senator Dave Loftus said students should be informed when parking lots are not completely cleared off and campus is open.

‘Some students were caught off guard by the parking lots not being cleared,’ Loftus said. ‘All we’re asking is to just let us know in advance so we can be prepared.’

The emergency text message system, which the university implemented in March, is free for all students. They can sign up at

Loftus said he believes the Physical Plant has done a great job clearing snow from parking lots and sidewalks, but said he thinks students should be informed when parking conditions are not ideal.

Campus was closed Jan. 27 and 28 due to icy conditions, but reopened Jan. 29. Many students said they found it difficult to find parking, and when they did they would often get stuck in the snow.

Senator John Boddie made his first appearance at a USG meeting since being hospitalized with stab wounds following an altercation on Jan. 10.

Vice President Vincent Hardy said he was happy to see Boddie return to the organization.


‘He’s getting back into the groove of things,’ Hardy said. ‘It shows what type of person he is to resume as normal a life as possible.’

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