Letter: University has questionable financial priorities

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

In light of the economic climate, some decisions made by SIU administrators make little sense. Chancellor Sam Goldman warns of impending cuts to academic programs, slashing assistantships and various other positions. At the same time, an underfunded Saluki Way prepares to break ground on a new football stadium while the renovated yet incomplete library sits bookless. Any bets as to whether or not the ‘stadium’ winds up as a patch of barren ground? Also a proposal to re-institute an old administrative position (with a six figure salary) makes life easier in Anthony Hall while some buildings on campus literally crumble. Nice.

If this university had received any federal money in the previous bailout attempt, some of our administrators would face a grilling from Congress. Not one time has this or the previous administration come forward to explain how these decisions would benefit the university and not just pad certain r’eacute;sum’eacute;s. By recklessly pushing forward an agenda that is at best a financially questionable endeavor, the university higher-ups have sent a clear message to all students: Hey! Bring your money and look at our pretty new toys, but don’t expect your education to take place in state-of-the-art facilities or with sufficient personnel. Our faculty, staff and students do their best to make due with what they have and should be commended. Some administrators should be squirted with water bottles like misbehaving cats.


Michael Marsh

graduate student studying geology