Leslie is all man

By Gus Bode

Ryan Leslie


Release Date: 2/10


Record Label: NextSelection/Atlantic

Website: www.ryanleslie.com

Rating: B-

Ryan Leslie is one smart dude. The man graduated from Harvard at 19 with a degree in government and economics. While Leslie could surely be pulling his weight in some form of government office I am just fine with him making beats and crooning over them.

Leslie’s second outing (his first, ‘Just Right’ was only released in Europe) is a treat because it showcases his glitchy, energetic production without letting it get mucked up by the likes of Danity Kane or JoJo.

The record’s first two singles (‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Addiction’) dropped last summer and were perfect additions to any summertime playlist. It is a shame this record has to be released in February, because the beats here are itching to get played on hot July nights.

Leslie’s production style is warm and inviting. Every track is brimming with confidence from the beats to Leslie’s vocals.


What sets Leslie apart from other producers, who step in front of the mic, is the fact he can actually sing. His smooth voice professionally accompanies each track, with the man switching it up with a not too shabby flow for a verse or two.

He is not treading any new ground here, just creating solid, danceable R&B.

The first quarter of every year is always slow for quality hip-hop and R&B, but Leslie is bucking this trend.

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