Banter: Give T.O. another chance?

By Gus Bode

The Cowboys released Terrell Owens on Thursday, ending his three-year stint in Dallas. Would you sign Owens to a contract if you were the general manager of an NFL team?’

Scott Mieszala

So I’m guessing he barely made a dent in that giant bowl of popcorn he got when he signed that contract with the Cowboys? All the same. I bet it’s really, really stale by now. The team that ends up signing T.O. will be smart, because his track record shows his crazy side doesn’t appear until his second or third year, so by the time he gets around to screwing things up for his next team he’ll be on his way out of the NFL and into retirement, anyway.


Jeff Engelhardt’

For a team that wants to be covered by ESPN, signing Terrell Owens is the only sure-fire way. I know I wouldn’t mind the Chicago Bears taking a gamble on the guy as I am sure he has at least one more decent season left in him. I can see it now. Terrell Owens in a postgame conference telling everyone Kyle Orton is the best quarterback he has ever played with … at least until Owens has his first one-catch game with the Bears. After that happens, we can watch Owens yell at Ron Turner. I think everyone wants to see that.

Ryan Voyles

For entertainment value, why not?’ Sure Owens is getting older, slowing down and dropping more passes, but he can still perform at a decent level.’ I would at least want a decent quarterback on my team, that way it will only take Owens two to three years before he accuses him of going behind his back or questioning his personal life.’ When that happens, ESPN will cover my team for a good three weeks.