Banter: Pudge, si o no?

By Gus Bode

It’s been reported that the Houston Astros plan to sign catcher Ivan Rodriguez to a one-year deal once he is done playing in the World Baseball Classic, based on his performance thus far. Is this a good move for the Astros?

Scott Mieszala

Well, Houston’s catchers last year were worthless offensively, and they brought nobody new in, so yeah, it’s a good move. They’d obviously be best off if J.R. Towles would pan out for them, but it wouldn’t be smart – at all – to bank on that happening. Wait, a question about a 37-year-old catcher and an answer that includes J.R. Towles? Aren’t bigger things usually happening in March?


Luis C. Medina

It’s a great move for the Astros, because they’re adding a talented player at a position Houston has filled in prior years with an aging and offensively inept Brad Ausmus. And when the ‘Stros fall into the NL Central cellar, they can trade Pudge for some minor league players to re-stock their farm system. It’s a win-win deal.

Ryan Voyles

Signing anything with a pulse that can wear a glove would be an improvement for the Astro’s catching position.’ J.R. Towles has not proven that he could even hit a quality pitch with his career .189 average.’ What’s worst is’ he is their starter, with only Humberto Quintero challenging him.’ So yeah, good move if the Astros do sign Pudge.