Tuscan Lodge demolished despite preservation efforts

By Gus Bode

A seasoned downtown building that welcomed performances by musical legends will soon be a vacant lot.

Demolition of the Tuscan Lodge on the corner of Jackson and Washington Streets in Carbondale continued Wednesday despite its historic value to members of the community.

Built in 1894, the Tuscan Lodge was the meeting place for a black fraternal group beginning in the early 20th century. The group, known as the Tuscans, attracted music legends Cab Calloway, Miles Davis and Duke Ellington as they toured between Chicago and New Orleans.


The Carbondale Preservation Committee lobbied to have the building included on the state’s Ten Most Endangered Historic Places list in 2005, but the structure’s poor condition led to the razing this week.

The lodge had been vacant since 1995.

City officials have said they hope any future structure to be built on the lot will resemble the lodge.