Blog Wars: Best cover song

By Gus Bode

Readers are encouraged to remember the Harry Nilsson reimaginations of Randy Newman tunes in this week’s ‘Ten-Year Itch.” What is the best cover song?

Luke McCormick

Many covers came to mind, but my favorite of all time is probably Johnny Cash’s cover of the NIN original tune, ‘Hurt’. Cash recorded it in some of his final years, taking an already dark song and gave it a splash of nostalgic optimism. The song needs to be paired with the excellent music video that was made upon its release. It is truly a heartbreaking and tender look at one of America’s greatest musicians during his last days.


Stile Smith

Without a doubt it has to be Seether’s version of ‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michaels. Anyone who can take a song that bad in a bad way and make it sound that bad in a good way deserves some credit.

Luis C. Medina

Whoever did the rock cover for Lil’ Wayne’s hit ‘Lollipop’ deserves a pat on the back. Covering a contemporary song is hard, and giving it a new twist is harder. But that group that did the rock version of that track did a good job of making the song good on the ears.

Sean McGahan

Most covers pale in comparison to their predecessors so much that they are almost unlistenable. Few do the original artist’s vision any justice at all. Only one was determined to be so much better by the prolific songwriter who wrote it that he never played his original again. Jimi Hendrix’s rock alteration of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ impressed lyrical genius Bob Dylan so much that he immediately changed the way he played it to mirror Hendrix’s version. Now that’s a cover.