Banter: Lakers, Penguins repeat?

By Gus Bode

The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins were both crowned as tops in their respective sports during the weekend. Which team has a better chance to repeat next season?

Sean McGahan

‘Both teams came up just short last season, losing in the finals. But both came out this season hungrier and were able to snag the glory. I don’t think either team will repeat, but the Lakers may have the advantage if Kobe Bryant becomes an Obama supporter and learns how to distribute the wealth.’


Matt Freeland

‘I think both teams have a decent chance at repeating as long as they keep their core players in tact. Everybody knew at the beginning of the NBA season that the Lakers were the team to beat. With the talent that team has, if they stick together I don’t see who can beat them. In Pittsburgh, ‘Sid the Kid’ has become ‘Sid the Man,’ but L.A. still has the better shot to repeat because of overall depth.’

Jeff Engelhardt

‘I don’t think either team has a chance, but if I had to choose I would say Pittsburgh. The Lakers had a great year and they are a great team, but I’m not sure they will be able to keep Odom and even if they do, Houston and Denver are going to come after them hard next season. Pittsburgh will have a tough time with Washington next season, but while the Lakers have hit their peak, the Penguins are still realizing their potential.’