Banter: Which school should the Big Ten include?

By Gus Bode

Longtime Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has constantly called for the Big Ten to add a team. Considering football only, which school should the Big Ten include?

‘- Sean McGahan

‘It should be the holier-than-thou Notre Dame, whose independent status earns it one of the toughest schedules each year. But if anything can sway Touchdown Jesus to Big Ten country, it’s their lackluster performances in recent years. Find a way to scoop Notre Dame now, and the conference will get a championship game and a boatload of alumni cash.’


‘- Matt Freeland

‘I have to agree with Sean here. Bringing in Notre Dame would give the conference an extra big name team and it’s located in the Midwest, unlike Rutgers. I think if they joined the Big Ten there would be brand new rivalries in the conference, because I don’t think many Big Ten fans are huge on Notre Dame.’

Jeff Engelhardt

‘I am going to think a little outside the box here and say Cincinnati. Geographically it makes sense because they are in Ohio and the program has improved dramatically the last 10 years, which would make them a possible contender and a great in-state rival for Ohio State. The only hurdle is the program is already affiliated with the Big East, but it would still be cool to see.’