Banter: Excited for hockey?

By Gus Bode

The NHL season starts on Thursday. Are you excited for hockey to get underway?

You better believe I am excited for this. NHL season combined with the MLB postseason and NFL regular season makes for the best time of year to be a sports fan. I am excited to see the Blackhawks get back on the ice. If Patrick Kane treats every player he sees like that cabbie he had a problem with, we’ll be in for a very bumpy ride. Todd Bertuzzi will be envious over how many people Kane puts out of commission.

-Derek Robbins


Not yet, but I’m going to get myself excited soon. Though I traded in my fan card after the lockout, I’m willing to jump back onto the hockey wagon. Because the Blues are a respectable team again, it makes the jump a little easier. I just need to find it on TV.

-Ryan Voyles

Nope, not until the sport makes some minor adjustments. First off, hockey needs to be four-on-four to spread the ice, creating more scoring opportunities as well as big-hit opportunities. Second, the NHL needs to get Russ Tyler on a team so the fans can watch the ‘knuckle puck’ on a regular basis. And finally, fighting should be done in tag team format, so if a player is about to get dropped, they can tag out and the fight can continue a little longer.

-Jeff Engelhardt