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By Gus Bode

This is Energy just wants everyone to follow their dreams.

The St. Louis band’s message is an encouraging one, emphasizing the importance of staying positive in the pursuit of one’s goals.

The band is scheduled to play at 7 p.m. Friday at the Pageant in St. Louis and to host a CD release show on Oct. 9, at FUBAR in St. Louis.


‘The band is about not being afraid to do what you love and encourage others to do the same,’ said singer-guitarist Adam Gardner.

He said the band is following its dreams and wants to inspire others to pursue their own.

‘Every song is different, but the majority of our work basically is about believing in yourself. And, who cares what someone else says, do what makes you happy,’ he said.

The band said it takes great pride in its live performances and wants the audience to leave feeling inspired.

‘When they leave one of our shows we want them to take away something they have never had before,’ drummer Britton Campbell said. ‘We want them to be inspired to go out and do something they want to do.’

Campbell said he would consider his life a success if allowed to pursue his musical career unabated.

‘I spent a year and a half away from the dream I loved because I listened to what other people said. It only took a call from Adam with his new songs to get me back,’ he said.


Gardner and Campbell were in a band together called Loser’s Luck before forming This is Energy, deriving its new band’s name from the experience of its live performances, which Gardner said was ‘raw natural energy throughout the music.’

The band members said their musical inspiration comes mostly from solo artists such as Phil Collins and Sting.

‘ ‘Our music fits into the category of fun, because the main thing is we play music that is fun for us,’ Campbell said.

He said the band loves the music it plays, so joy is apparent in their live shows.

‘People these days are really in tune with music, and they can see what is real and what is not,’ he said.’ ‘It is easy to tell when someone is doing something because they love it.’

Gardner said the band wants to share its inspirational message.’ He said when a fan writes to tell the band its messaged reached them, ‘it is awesome.’

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