Masters of McAndrew

By Gus Bode

Editor’s note: This is the first part of the Sport Desk’s tribute to McAndrew Stadium and its history. Each week, we will draft a position to make our All-McAndrew football team. This week: All-McAndrew Quarterback

Ryan Voyles selects: Rick Johnson (1980-1983)

Did not even have to think about this one. Johnson was the quarterback during 1983, the only time SIU as ever won the national championship.’ It took Johnson until his senior year, but he finally got the Salukis over the hump and ended his collegiate career as a Saluki hero.


It also doesn’t hurt that he set several school records.

Johnson left SIU as its all-time leader in passing yards, completions and pass attempts, and second all-time in interceptions. Despite the turnovers, Johnson still means more to the Saluki football team than almost any other player. He is the obvious choice to lead any team, and that is why he is my quarterback for the All-McAndrew team.

Derek Robbins selects: Joel Sambursky (2002-2005)

‘ ‘ ‘ I really didn’t have to think about this one either. Yes, SIU won a championship under Johnson, but the most talented Saluki quarterback has to be Joel Sambursky – just take a look at SIU’s passing records. Sambursky holds the single-season record for passing yards, pass completions, pass attempts and touchdown passes.

‘ ‘ ‘ And championships don’t make a player – Dan Marino never won one.

‘ ‘ ‘ Sambursky is the measuring stick that all future SIU quarterbacks will be judged against. He was the complete package, and helped make SIU an elite offense. If there was a world where Brandon Jacobs didn’t exist, Sambursky would no doubt be the first pick in an all-Salukis draft.