Banter: Are the Bengals for real?

By Gus Bode

On Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals upset the Ravens 17-14 in Baltimore to improve their record to 4-1 and take the AFC North lead. Are the Bengals for real?

It’s too early for me to call them ‘for real,’ but I like what I’ve seen from them so far. I took note after they scorched the Packers in week 2, and they have just kept winning since then. The defense is rocking, and Carson Palmer is looking like the pre-torn everything quarterback of old. Too bad they play in Cincinnati – the only city worse than that happens to have its own team in the Northern part of the state.

-Ryan Voyles


You better believe they are for real. They only scored 17 points against Baltimore, but the Ravens’ defense let the Bengals scorch them for 413 total offensive yards. The Bengals seem to come from behind every week and pull out victory from the jaws of defeat. The Bengals play in the tough north, and they have defeated every northern opponent. Who would have thought the week 1 game against the Broncos – which looked like a matchup of two UFL teams – would actually mean something?

-Derek Robbins

I like what I am seeing from them. They have a high-intensity offense, and they managed to beat the Super Bowl champs of last year. Carson Palmer is looking sharp and has shown he can still run and gun. If they keep it up, they are looking at a great chance to make a run for it.

-Ryan Simonin