Banter: Who should host the Olympics?

By Gus Bode

The host city for the 2016 Olympics will be announced today, with Chicago as a front-runner.’ Where do you think the Olympics should be held?

Nowadays, it seems most athletes are suspicious of their competition gaining some form of an unfair advantage. Solution to this:’ take the Olympics into the final frontier – space. Gravity, or lack there of, will level the playing field once and for all.

-Ray McGillis


I’m with Ray on this one; we need to have a Space Olympics. Events could include space luge, space swords and space disk. We would just have to prepare ourselves because there’s no gravity, light or sound. We would just have to make sure to have enough escape pods, just in case someone hit the self-destruct button on the spaceship.

-Ryan Voyles

Oh, who has time to actually compete these days? I am surprised Olympians find the time to compete in between rounds of doping. So, to counter this, let us move the Olympics online. They can compete in video games to determine who the greatest in the world is. Yes, for the first time ever, someone who is actually skilled at something could win the luge – of course, someone would wind up hacking the system and winning every event. Help us if manlyman69 becomes a gold medalist.

-Derek Robbins