Carbondale Comes Together for Kids

By Gus Bode

Carbondale is coming together in a new way to support a common cause.

December 10 will mark the closing date of the annual art benefit for For Kid’s Sake., the organization which raises money to help children in Bangladeshi orphanages. The group has been showcasing creative projects from both the children it helps to benfit as well Carbondale students.

The young artists are given a presentation of the children participating in For Kid’s Sake. These students create their own work, frame their work, and get to see that work around town.


This year marks the first in the organization’s ten year history that For Kid’s Sake expanded their showcase beyond Longbranch Cafe to nine business throughout Carbondale.

Shema Jamaluddin director of the program sees the benefit’s closing as a major local event and great effort from the Carbondale community. To her, it also gives the kids participating confidence in their work and gives them a sense of empowerment.

“Usually in school art is the first program cut” Jamaluddin said. She sees For Kid’s Sake as a celebration or art and giving back to others.

Rene Cook, general manager of the Town Square Market said she’s really excited to have the event expanding to other business.

“[It’s] very heartwarming and good to see that community support…It’s really important in this time to build community. This is a real good community building effort.”

Kerry Given is happy to have Hair Brain be one of the business included in the showcase this year. The salon regularly showcases work from various artists but feels especially proud to display the artwork the kids have done.

Both Town Square Market and Hair Brain will participate in the closing ceremony on Dec. 10.


It’s kind of like a block party Jamaluddin said. Complete with drinks and hor dourves downtown’s square will open its doors for bidders to pick up the work that’s been on display since Nov. 14.

Tres Hombre, another business participant, is holding a raffle as well as a benefit concert featuring former Saluki Chris Mathien. The artist has been a longtime ally of For Kid’s Sake and will be giving all proceeds from the show to the organization.

The uniqueness of the event is the efforts of a local community creating global change Jamaluddin said. Simultaneously similar shows are taking place in Germany, Switzerland, and Texas, all with the same ideologies of doing their part to help For Kid’s Sake.

Brendan Smith can be reached at [email protected] or 536-3311 ext. 273.