Editor’sNote – Semester In Photos

By Gus Bode

121510_­EDITORS_NOTE – My experience as photo editor at the Daily Egyptian cannot be summed up into one wonderfully descriptive word. In fact, there are quite a few words I could use to describe the vast sea of emotions that overwhelmed me almost every day at work this semester, but for the reader’s sake I won’t delve too deeply into them.

In all honesty, I can look at my time as photo editor in a very positive way. I have learned so much, not only about myself, but also about the faces behind the Daily Egyptian. I have gained a new and well-deserved appreciation for the entire staff of the DE. Most importantly, I have found a family in the photo staff.

Edyta Blaszczyk, your YouTube finds soothed my soul. Isaac Smith, Panera Bread is, indeed, a window to my heart. Steve Berczynski, you are the only co-worker I could stand to be neighbors with. George Lamboley, alarm clocks are essential for life. Pat Sutphin, you may no longer call me boss lady. Genna Ord, let’s go hiking sometime soon. And last but not least, Dan Dwyer, you better come back and visit me.


Thank you, Daily Egyptian, for another amazing semester. I owe you. – Jess Vermeulen