By Gus Bode


Whitney Way

Daily Egyptian


Head: Student Legal Services available to help solve any issue



As a college student,situations may arise where legal assistance or advice is needed. The Student Legal Assistance department at SIUC provides services to aid students in their legal troubles.

The Student Legal Assistance department, located on the third floor of the Student Center, has two attorneys and three part-time law school students who work as graduate assistants.  Student Legal Services is funded by a $6 student fee incorporated into tuition, therefore all services and counsel from SLS is already paid for.

The services help students with legal issues such as landlord and tenant matters, City of Carbondale ordinance violations, traffic tickets, adoption, divorce, expungement, student loans and credit related issues.

Steven Rogers, director of Student Legal Assistance and practicing attorney, said the most common types of grievances brought to his office are landlord and tenant issues.


“It’s important students understand what they’re getting into before they sign a lease,” Roger said. “Always read a document in entirety before signing your name to it.”

Rogers said a common issue among new students is roommate disputes in the dormitories.

“A lot of new students find themselves in a situation where their roommate doesn’t show up, or they just don’t get along,” Rogers said.  “These issues should be taken up with university housing  … or the Dispute Resolution Institute.”

The Dispute Resolution Institute is an organization of trained mediators where students with personal disputes, including those regarding roommate issues, can go to resolve conflicts.

Rogers said Student Legal Services does not  provide services or advice for student vs. student issues, divorce which involves children, business enterprises, real estate and conflicts with the university.

Rogers said his office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. He said students should come to the office with any legal concerns.

“Many students don’t know we exist,” Rogers said. “(Student Legal Assistance) is one of the smallest students fees in tuition …  and student should use it.”