By Gus Bode

Kent Aubry

Daily Egyptian

Head: New Account for a New Location


Deck: Tips for opening a student account in Carbondale

Opening a new bank account can be a hassle for many students considering their busy schedule.  However, it beneficial for many students to open  an account in Carbondale.  This simple process will take some time but in the end may save some money.

Opening an account can be as simple as a stop in at a local branch or a visit to its website.  First, simple research should be done.  Shop around to see what institution or account type will provide the best service.  There are a variety of account types and services, many of which may have confusing titles and terms of contract.  For those who chose to open the account in person, be sure to have the banker assist in choosing which account suits individual needs the best.

Many local banks, such as Old National Bank, offer accounts designed for college students.  Checking accounts and student loans are offered at most banks in the area, which should be considered when opening an account at one of those places.

After the institution and account type that meets all necessary needs is chosen, personal information will need to be given in order to open the account.  Things such as a Social Security Number, name and birth date will need to be provided in order for the bank to verify the identity of the account holder.  More than likely, the bank will ask for government issued materials such as a driver’s license or ID card.  Again, all this can be done online by simply providing the information in the appropriate boxes.

Before the process is complete, the bank will need an agreement of terms from the account holder.  Be sure that all questions about the account are answered and that the account holder fully understands what is being agreed to.  Confusion over terms can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars if not understood correctly.

After the appropriate account is selected and the terms are agreed to, the process is complete.  Some banks may take a few days or weeks to process the paperwork.  Expect all further information to be mailed to the address provided.  Things such as checkbooks and debit cards should arrive shortly.


Overall the process is very easy and can save hundreds on foreign ATM charges if done right away.  All it takes is the right planning and initiative.  Visit any of the Carbondale banks and get set-up with an account today.