Part 1 of ‘Molly’s Law’ passes Illinois House

Part 1 of Mollys Law passes Illinois House

A bill that would give families more time to file wrongful death lawsuits unanimously passed the Illinois House of Representatives on Tuesday. 

The bill, named “Molly’s Law” for the controversial death of Molly Young, would increase the statute of limitations for wrongful death cases from two to five years. 

Young’s death and the ensuing investigation led to community criticisms of the Carbondale Police Department and Illinois State Police.


“Investigations into incidents involving death caused by violent means can take a really long time,” said Rep. Terri Bryant, R-Murphysboro, who drafted bill. “One of the hurdles that the Youngs faced in trying to file their wrongful death lawsuit was that time simply ran out on them. This new limit of five years would have helped them have their day in court, and it will likely lead to another family that finds themselves in a similar situation have their day in court as well.”

A second bill, which some call part two of “Molly’s Law,” would attempt to heighten government and police transparency using changes to the Freedom of Information Act. It is also in the works, according to a statement from Bryant’s office. Under the proposed law, public bodies that fail to disclose information deemed accessible by a circuit court would face a maximum fine of $10,000.

The House Judiciary Civil Law committee will hear part two of the law this week.

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