Civility shouldn’t be lost at SIUC

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I should hope that the campus-wide theme of civility will not be lost.

Civility ought to include a respect for skills, beliefs and humanity. Very often, however, I believe we know civility, not by what it is, but by what we see it is not.


Civility is not the destruction of materials printed by a minority group, nor is it not allowing that group, namely the Secular Student Alliance, to form based upon its deep-seated lack of popularity.

Civility is not altering the chalked messages of RSOs, such as those by Saluki Respect Life, which are unpalatable or give discomfort to many, nor is civility exemplified in shouting matches whether outside Lawson Hall or behind closed doors.

Civility is not attacking the characters of professionals who guide our university and community. Rather, civility requires all of us to listen, at a bare minimum, to those with whom we disagree with the  mind to come to an agreement.

Civility requires we treat each other with respect if we cannot come to an accord and refuse to vilify ‘the other.’

Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. Civility just may be presuming the above is, in fact, true and those with whom we disagree deserve a modicum of respect.

We are, whether students, faculty, administrators or community members, part of the human family.

Civility demands we recognize the equality between persons that define the ideals of a society.


It is my hope that civility is not lost upon us but that we may gather civilly to resolve all differences and move forward as one unit to confront the challenges of the future together.

Scott Gimmy

senior from Marion studying classical Latin and Greek