SIU releases video in response to recent racism on campus


The university published a YouTube video Friday in response to a video posted last week that called for lynchings on campus.

The video, titled “It’s Not OK,” can be viewed below. 


The video features students and interim Chancellor Brad Colwell and is a response to “SIUC White is Right,” a video that uses the N-word and encourages violence against black students on May 2.

“Whoever this is needs to be confronted,” soon-to-be student trustee Naomi Tolbert said during a meeting on Monday with Lori Stettler, vice chancellor for student affairs, to put together the video. 

Colwell sent out an email last week addressing the racist video, which has been be taken off YouTube, and urged students to “stand together as Salukis to fight intolerance.”

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Students decided to work with the university to create the response video.

During the meeting Monday, students also suggested mandatory diversity training on campus at the beginning of each year — similar to the sexual assault training required every fall — noting that many students have not previously been exposed to as much diversity as the Carbondale campus.

“[They should] be trained on what it means to be a minority, to be a marginalized group on campus,” Tolbert said. “We need to show as a community on campus that we will not stand for any of this nonsense.”


Anna Spoerre contributed to this report. 

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