SIUC freshman dies at hospital

By Lauren Duncan

An SIUC student died Tuesday after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Brittany Coffee, a freshman from Chicago, died Monday morning at the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

Reverend Bob Gray, SIUC police chaplain, said Coffee was pronounced dead at 8:05 a.m. Tuesday. Sievers said she had been admitted to the hospital on Sunday.


Katherine Sermersheim, associate dean of students in Student Life and Intercultural Relations, said the student’s family was notified of the death. The family informed her the cause of death was pneumonia, although Rod Sievers, university spokesman, said results from a culture have not been confirmed.

“We’re very sorry for her passing,” Sermersheim said. “We’re sorry for her family and her roommate and the friends that she leaves behind. It’s a very, very difficult time for the family and friends.”

She encourages those close to Brittany to take advantage of the resource on campus, she said.

Sermersheim said Coffee, who had studied criminology and criminal justice, lived in Schneider Hall. Sermersheim, who is a part of the Saluki Cares program that works with family and friends for memorial services, said a service has not been planned.

“Considering the timing that this is finals week and students are leaving, there isn’t one planned,” she said. “I know the family will be taking steps in the Chicago area with services, and depending on next semester there may be one, but it is still unknown at this time.”

Those who are grieving can visit the SIUC Counseling Center, located at the Student Health Center.

As of press time, attempts to contact Coffee’s acquaintances were unsuccessful.