Faculty Senate discusses program review

By Lauren Duncan

Ongoing issues, including future review of SIU’s programs, were discussed at Tuesday’s Faculty Senate meeting.

Although no action was taken, senators discussed items that could affect the focus of SIU’s programs. Senators talked about the draft of a strategic plan for SIU, program changes review and how vacant positions will be filled in the future, Faculty Senate President Bill Recktenwald said.

Recktenwald said there are at least 32 tenured and tenured-track faculty who are retiring this school year; thus, this summer, dozens of positions will need to be filled.


He said the faculty expressed concern over how those positions can be filled so quickly.

“The chancellor said they’re talking to deans about filling the positions temporarily,” Recktenwald said.

The faculty also gave input on the changes, which will be made to program review changes. As part of a public act that requires universities to review and work on their programs’ weaknesses, universities will have to review their programs differently in the future. The program changes review committee at SIU compiled input through the end of February to show the Illinois State Board of Higher Education what university faculty are concerned about when it comes to reviewing SIU’s programs.

Recktenwald said a final topic that faculty discussed was the strategic plan. He said it is still in the draft stage, and faculty can still comment on possible changes that could be made to it.

According to a February version of the draft, the plan thus far includes goals in relation to student success, research, diversity, the community and finance.

The next meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. April 24 in the Kaskaskia and Missouri rooms of the Student Center.