City Council tables budget decision

By Brandon Willingham

The Carbondale City Council made no decision Tuesday about the proposed Fiscal Year 2013 budget.

The review and discussion of the Proposed FY2013 Budget and Five Year Community Investment Program was tabled until April 17 to allow city council members time to thoroughly discuss the purpose and aspirations of the budget.

The council intends to approve a budget that would help lessen the cost of tax expenses and increase Carbondale’s revenue. FY2011 was a tight year for Carbondale, with some basic city services such street cleaning suspended and certain staff positions unfilled.


City Councilman Don Monty said the FY2011 may have taken its toll on the city, but the council members have done everything in their power to keep the city well cared for.

“I applaud our staff for doing a great job in being good stewards and taking care of the city’s money,” Monty said. “As tight as it is, (the City Council) has to go with what we’ve got.”

Monty said for the upcoming FY2013, the council must return to the basic needs of the city and cuts have to be made. He said the budget must be balanced.

Mayor Joel Fritzler said once the FY 2013 budget is worked out the staff would make a financially stable decision.

Councilman Chris Wissmann said the City has saved $1.8 million in the FY2012.

“It’s important that we take care of the City’s money, and start spending less money than we are authorized to spend,” he said.

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