Student Trustee candidates weigh in

Transparency, constant communication is key

Dear Editor:

I’ve been following the drama surrounding President Glenn Poshard and current and former members of the Board of Trustees.  It underscores the importance of one vote on the board:  the student’s vote.


The students at Southern Illinois University need a student trustee who has integrity. Integrity is the most important value that a member of the BOT can have right now.  The trustee will have to stand up to pressure and make difficult decisions that may be supported or opposed by businesspeople and the political elites.  It won’t be an easy job, but it is a job that I can do.  I have shown my character through my various roles on campus which including: Interfraternity Council President, employee of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

To do this job, the student trustee should be transparent and accessible to the students.  The students must be able to easily voice their opinions to the trustee, and the trustee must be able to easily share information with the students. If elected, I will use social media to be in constant communication with the student body.  I will listen to new ideas and to help understand the opinion of the student body on various issues.  My vote will be the students’ vote.

Lastly, the student trustee must have the students’ wallets in mind when working to better the university.  Student fees must stay low or be lowered.  Our university is a great one.  It has given me so many opportunities and friendships, but it is important that the many services offered at SIU are affordable on a student’s budget.

SIU truly is a great school.  It is time to put the drama behind, to move forward, and to become even better.

A CHANCE for a better SIU.

Tyler Chance

junior studying political science



Strengthen relationships at the university

Dear Editor:

My name is Geoffrey Grammer and I am second year law student in the Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration program running for the Student Trustee.  I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri graduating with a Bachelor of Science in business administration majoring in finance and economics.

Currently I am a representative sitting on the Graduate and Professional Student Council, search committee for the Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Relations and the SIU representative to the Illinois State Bar Association.  Before attending SIU I was involved in student government as Chairman of the Board of Elections Commissioners for the University of Missouri. I was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity holding officer positions as well as sitting on the executive committee and I sat on the steering committee for Greeks advocating Mature Management of Alcohol, which held educational events for the Greek community about alcohol management.

All of these positions have helped me develop  an understanding for the needs of students and develop my skills in communicating and working together with faculty and Administration.

As a student representative I would work together with the administration to keep fees and tuition affordable and not out-price SIU students out of their education.  I would be a solid representative during this important time at SIU and work to further the relationship between students, faculty members and administrators.

I have the experience and qualifications to be the students voice at the table and I am willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

I am running for Student Trustee to represent SIU students at the university and help make their voices heard.  If elected I will do what is necessary to make sure that the students are the number one priority of the board.


Geoffrey Grammer

second-year law student


Strong representative for students’ voice

Dear Editor,

I was born and raised on a farm in the small town of Penfield. I am a junior dual-majoring in agribusiness economics and plant and soil science, with plans of perusing my masters in business administration. I enjoy being very involved in student life here on campus.

I am currently on the Executive Council of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, along with being a Inter-Greek Council delegate and current nomine for president. I am also serving on the Up ‘Til Dawn Executive Council and Relay for Life team captain. I consider myself very involved in the community; I volunteer with wheelchair basketball, Adopt-a-Spot, and Ag in the Classroom, to name a few.

For two years I have been the chairman of the Dean of Students Advisory Council, which privileged me to develop a plethora of knowledge about SIUC’s administration. I know that I can put my knowledge to good work for the students of this institution.

My overall goal to achieve if elected Student Trustee is “Breaking Barriers, Building a Future at SIU Carbondale”. When I leave this university I want to leave an impact. I want to leave it better than it was when I came.  This campus needs its reputation and identity back.

We need to be aggressively lobbying the state government for more funding and financial aid, in order to keep our tuition and student fees from increasing at high percentages. We need more on-campus programming in order to increase enrollment and retention.

I am also strongly promoting Greek life on campus, and believe that on campus Greek housing is necessary for the marketing of this university. The students of SIU Carbondale need a knowledgeable and gregarious student trustee who can successfully represent the student’s voice in all endeavors.

Jesse Cler

junior studying agribusiness economics and plant and soil science


Voting takes place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday in the Student Center on the first floor and the Recreation Center lobby.