Suski named director of admissions

By Lauren Duncan

Katharine Johnson Suski, former interim director of undergraduate admissions, was named the permanent director Monday.

Suski, who said she held the interim position since 2010, said she went through the application process to become the permanent director soon after after SHE TOOK the position as interim.

With a university-wide push to increase admissions and her new title, Suski said she is excited about the job.


“It’s sort of been a long process and a tiring few months, with being on the road and recruiting,” she said. “But I’m excited to get back in the office and to have this position and implement some of these innovations we’re looking at.”

Suski said some of the goals of the admissions department have included looking at more quick and effective ways to admit students as well as expanding recruitment efforts to increase incoming class size.

“It’s not a boring job,” she said.

Although many of the things faculty and staff in admissions have been working on are already underway, Suski said she thinks she’s now in a better position to move forward with those goals.

Her job duties won’t differ much from when she was interim, but Suski said one difference is she will probably be held more accountable.

Suski said much of her family, including herself, are SIU alumni, and because of that, she has a strong attachment to the university.

“We’re just an SIU family; it’s not a job I leave at the office,” she said. “It’s more than just me succeeding in my job, it’s us succeeding. Because SIU hosts a lot of jobs in the region, it’s more than just recruiting the next class. It’s supporting my alma mater.”