Roger Clemens found not guilty

By Joe Ragusa

Roger Clemens was found not guilty on six counts of perjury Monday in regards to statements he made about his alleged use of steroids. Does the decision surprise you, and what does it mean for the “steroid era” in Major League Baseball?

I honestly forgot this trial was still going on until I heard he was found not guilty. Talk about steroid use in baseball has become so repetitive that I stopped caring about it altogether. All I want to remember about that era is watching Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds chase records when I was growing up.

Joe Ragusa: Sports editor


It doesn’t matter what the grand jury had to say, the cloud over baseball during the “steroid era” is as thick as it ever was. Most stars from that time period are already guilty of steroid use in the minds of fans anyways, we don’t need a grand jury to confirm it.

 Ben Conrady: Sports reporter

I feel like this is all a waste of time.  Why can’t the government show this sort of enthusiasm into solving our financial crisis? Well, your up next barry.  Welcome to the show.

Gus’ Response

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