Great Cardboard Boat Regatta Gallery

Emery Johnson-Miles, manager of the Rainbow Cafe LGBTQ Youth Center, moves the “Rainboat” on Saturday before the start of the 43rd Annual Great Cardboard Boat Regatta at the Carbondale Reservoir at Evergreen Park. Johnson-Miles, a Carbondale native, said this was the youth center’s first entry in the regatta. “We actually have a special fuel source,” Johnson-Miles said. “And that is rainbow power and pride. So that’s what’s going to be fuelling this boat as we journey across the great pond-lake.” Johnson-Miles was joined in the “Rainboat” by Chip Loghry, of Marion. Although the “Rainboat” came last in its heat after capsizing, Johnson-Miles and Loghry said the day was a lot of fun. — April 30, 2016, Carbondale, Ill.